Admissions – urgent request

March 18, 2014 in Front Page News by Ms U Hope

For Year 6 students due to start at Langtree School in September 2014: if you haven’t already given Kris Allen, Admissions Officer, your email address please can you do so urgently. Please contact her here.


Easter Newsletter

April 2, 2014 in Front Page News, Newsletter by Ms U Hope

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Creativity Day Trip with Year 10 GCSE Resistant Materials and Graphic Products

April 1, 2014 in Design and Technology, Front Page News by Ms U Hope

On Creativity Day, the Year 10 GCSE Resistant Materials and Graphic Products students went to London for the day. We all arrived early on the morning of 20th March, at Goring Station, ready to embark on an epic day, not only visiting The Design Museum but touring the sites of London’s architectural buildings designed by the  greats, such as Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano.

After arriving at Paddington Station we took several tube rides to reach our destination- thankfully arriving with the same number of students (and teachers) we set out with!! Whilst walking, we looked at several historic sites such as The Tower of London and London Bridge and then, in stark contrast, The Shard, The  Gherkin, Lloyds of London, City Hall and the Walkie Talkie building. It was amazing to see such famous iconic buildings up close; the sheer size, design features and materials used had enormous impact so we took hundreds of photos for future reference. After our whistle-stop tour of the sites along the embankment, we arrived at The Design Museum. Currently showing at The Design Museum is a retrospective exhibition of fashion designer, Paul Smith’s work, called ‘Hello, my name is Paul Smith’. The exhibition, not only, celebrates his career to date, but explores future developments of his British label which has now become a global brand. His signature ‘barcode’ stripes, were everywhere- a rug, a Lieca camera, a Rover’s Mini car, a bicycle, Skis, an  Evian water bottle- even an HP sauce bottle! I was particularly inspired by a bedroom made from black and white card- paper clothes neatly folded on a bed. At the other end of the spectrum there was another room filled with mirrors and TV monitors which were reflected to create one large image- it was amazing. I think, speaking on everyone’s behalf, we all had an exhausting but brilliant day! Thank you Mr Murray for organising it!

AJ Totman 10SM


Year 7 Engineering Visit

April 1, 2014 in Design and Technology, Front Page News by Ms U Hope

On Thursday the 27th together for a visit from B.P. It was challenging but fun and very interesting.

After being introduced to the visitors, we were told about fuels. The class was asked about different types of fuels and how they were used, being prompted by the staff and images. We then learnt about oil rigs, which B.P engineers.

Subsequent to the interesting discussion, the year 7 D.T group were briefed on their challenge, to  design the structure of an oil rig using wooden skewers and marshmallows. Each stick and each marshmallow would cost $1000000 and each group of three or four had to try and make the most cost-effective structure, as well as all model having to hold at least 100 grams. Enthusiastically, the teams set to work, using their knowledge of strong structures to help their competition entry.

There was a buzz of competition in the air as the teams handed in their finished structure. Each one was unique as we found when they were judged. They all held different weight from under 50 grams to 450 grams and all cost different amounts of money. The  winning team was the one that held one of the best weights but cost less the runner.

It was a very enjoyable experience and everyone learnt a lot. I am sure that there will be a lot of budding engineers now!


By Laura Ogden


Woodcote Library Easter Event

April 1, 2014 in Community, Front Page News by Ms U Hope

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Thank you from Helen and Douglas

March 27, 2014 in Front Page News by Ms U Hope

“Thank you for your donation of £721.03 and your continued support. This will help us to provide specialist care for very sick children and young adults, as well as support their families.”

“Thank you for helping to make things like this possible for our children, young people and families.”

From Roland Sparling

Fundraising Volunteer


Skiing Trip Diary

March 27, 2014 in Front Page News by Ms U Hope

As our 24 hour journey came to an end, cameras came out as huge snow tipped mountains came into view. After stopping for a break, our Coach made the unnerving climb up the curving mountain road. At last we made it to the picturesque village of Torgon and could unpack and settle into our cosy rooms in our chalets.

On the second day we first experienced skiing for most of us it was a lot harder than thought. Learning on a mountain had its disadvantages if our instructor was preoccupied many of us had a habit of drifting down the slope slipping and sliding with crashing as our only way of stop. After our tiring, yet I am sure very humorous day of skiing we were greeted with a brilliant 3 course meal dinner which impressively persisted throughout the week. After that we went to a roller skating disco which was a brilliant way to finish the day.

The next day brought more success for most of us, as we learnt the basics of skiing and snow ploughed our way to mastering the nursery slopes. After two days of exhausting skiing we were all very keen to go to the thermal baths our next evening activity. They were certainly worth waiting for. We could stare at the stars and enjoy the outside yet still be relaxed by the warmth of the pools.

It almost turned into a race as we now compared how high up the button lift we had skied from, the competition spurred us on to improving skiing or snowboarding as much as we could. The evening activity of the day was by far the most scary as we were tested with skiing down the slope we had trained on in the dark with flaming torches!

On the fifth day, I, among the beginners were very jealous of the advanced skiers who came back from skiing talking of adventures all the way to France where they had stopped off at mountain restaurants and taken chair lifts with startling views, but this just gave us even more determination. But this determination got very competitive during the climbing wall competitions later on that day. We all raced up the wall aiming to be the first to ring the bell.

On our final full day of skiing most of us were able now to ski to France, or if not confident enough, were taken by coach further in the Port du Soleil, where they met many other skiers from Langtree. It felt very rewarding as we now could master other slopes as we were shown all the famous mountains including Mont Blanc. Because of our exciting skiing or snowboarding adventures, we decided not to go to the Hawaiian dance although I am sure that we all felt Mrs Buckley singing  to us supplemented.

The last day was a final chance to pack up and finish of our skiing skills. Startled at how fast the week had gone we had a brilliant final lunch then took the scary drive down the mountain. Despite us all being very tired, we were happily awoken to an exciting water park which was a brilliant experience of our last day of Switzerland.

by Seb Avery

Year 10


Bruce Gordon Sculpture Workshop 2014

March 27, 2014 in Art, Front Page News by Ms U Hope

On Saturday 8th March the Year 10 GCSE Art students gave up their Saturday lie in to take part in a sculpture workshop with local Artist Bruce Gordon.

The day was spent sculpting in clay over a wire armature. Bruce shared his skill and knowledge with the students who produced a fantastic selection of pieces. They ranged from a chicken, an anatomically correct hand and a warped Eiffel tower. They all demonstrated skill and commitment to their GCSE. A very productive day!

‘It was great to spend a whole day producing a piece of artwork from start to finish’ Beth Wilson

‘I’ve learnt a new skill in a new media that has inspired me to sculpt in future’ Olivia Graves

‘I was impressed by their skill and enjoyed my day with them’ Bruce Gordon



Science into Schools

March 27, 2014 in Front Page News by Ms U Hope

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Lamda studies at Langtree School

March 25, 2014 in Bezerk Productions, Front Page News by Ms U Hope

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Langtree LAMDA Letter March 2014

Application for Lamda tuition at Langtree School March 2014


Netball results

March 25, 2014 in Front Page News, PE by Ms U Hope

Year 7 netball

A huge well done to the Year 7 netball team who won the Area Tournament. They won their pool and played Wallingford in the final, beating them 2-0. The team will now go on to represent South Oxfordshire in the County Championships. Team- Alexa Varnham, Sophie Webb, Frances Wahlen, Rosie Turtle, Michaela Driscoll, Millie Kent, Sophie Rainsden and Mia Allen.

Other Area Netball results:

  • Year 8 – 4th
  • Year 9- 3rd
  • Year 10 – 4th
  • Year 11 – playing Thursday 27th March