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The Class of 2016 break previous school record at Langtree!

Staff, students and governors are celebrating a record breaking year of outstanding results at Langtree School, as the Class of 2016 have broken all previous school records.

Overall, 77% of students achieved the new government ‘Basics’ measure, securing grades A*-C in both English and Maths. Overall, 75% of the cohort achieved 5 or more GCSE grades at A*-C including English and Maths, which is the most impressive outcome ever achieved at the high-performing, Leading Edge school. These results are especially impressive in light of a national decline in grades A* – C awarded this year.

Furthermore, the Progress 8 score for the school is 0.5 which indicates that the students at Langtree achieved on average half a grade more in each and every GCSE than was expected. The Attainment 8 score was again an impressive 56. In addition, the proportion of students achieving the English Baccalaureate rose from 25% in 2015 to an impressive 41%.

A total of fourteen students secured ten or more GCSE grades at A* and A. Amongst the highest achieving students were Flo Turtle (11 A* and 1 A), Alex Smith (10 A* and 2 A), and Kit Leyland (9 A* and 3 A).  Overall, 35% of the grades awarded were at A* or A, which is an increase of 10 percentage points on the very impressive results in 2015.

Headteacher Rick Holroyd was quick to praise the outstanding outcomes of the Year 11 students. ‘On behalf of all the staff and governors, I would like to say how delighted we are with these outcomes for our students. This was, quite simply, a lovely cohort of students to work with, the vast majority of whom applied themselves and worked extremely hard for their GCSE examinations, taking advantage of the countless hours of additional tuition and support offered by the staff in the run up to the exam season. To secure the best results the school has ever achieved is a great achievement but, more importantly, it is extremely gratifying to think that our Class of 2016 will move on to their destinations with confidence and some excellent results. These record outcomes, combined with the wonderful personal qualities of these students, will set them up well for the next stage of their lives’.


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