26th June 2018 Hot Weather – change to uniform code

Dear Parents
It will not have escaped your notice that summer has officially arrived, and temperatures in school are now getting close to 30 degrees! When classrooms become so very hot, it is difficult for students to maintain their focus and concentration. Consequently, in keeping with the arrangements put in place last year, I propose to make some changes to our uniform code during this spell of very hot weather.
With effect from Wednesday 27th June, students will be permitted to wear their white Langtree polo shirt with their PE shorts and trainers, with trainer socks if preferred. Our preference would be for the use of the white polo shirt in lessons, rather than full PE kit, as this is the cooler garment and would allow students to keep their PE shirt clean and fresh for PE lessons. Please note that this is not a mandatory requirement; if students prefer to wear their full uniform they are, of course, welcome to do so.
I do hope that this will be a sensible concession to help us to deal with the very high temperatures we are experiencing at present. This will be a temporary concession which will remain in place until further notice. Last year our students were, characteristically, so sensible about the change in uniform expectations, and I am confident that they will be equally sensible and responsible this year.
However, if any student presents out of uniform, or wearing any other non uniform items, they will be punished in line with our current sanctions relating to our uniform code.
Mr R Holroyd