Parent / Carer Survey

Parent / Carer Survey 2017

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The survey will close on Monday 17th July 2017

The results will be used to inform future school development targets. This is an opportunity to highlight areas where you think the school could improve, but it is also an opportunity to state what we do well. Please think about the scale carefully when answering and take the time to consider and write additional comments in the space provided. We would welcome positive feedback on what you feel we are doing well, as well as comments on areas you are not happy with Staff and students are motivated by praise. Many thanks in advance for completing our survey. Your views are important to us.



Parent  / Carer Survey 2016 Results

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“The new ‘Show My Homework’ is a very good idea and is of benefit to parents and students.”

“Due to the small size of the school, my children are known to all teachers (in a good way!) as oppose to being just a ‘face in a classroom’. “

“Langtree school has an open and caring environment. The Headteacher is a strong leader and has an open dialogue with the parents. The teachers provide a vibrant and engaging curriculum with many interesting trips and creativity days. My child has developed enormous self confidence since joining Langtree which has enabled her to work to the best of her abilities both in the classroom and through the Langtree community. I would say this is an outstanding school and am certain it is giving my child an excellent education as well as good life skills. Thank you for all your hard work!”

“The scale of the school, and the knowledge that teachers have of children as individuals, is extremely helpful in fostering a positive learning dynamic and true sense of college. The school is well led and our children feel very positive toward the values and commitment that the school has toward learning. They regard the majority of the teaching that they receive as outstanding, and they appreciate the encouragement and support that is available for high achievement. “

“Both My children love Langtree my oldest child in particular, she has turned into an intelligent, well rounded & happy young lady, she will be very sad to leave this year. We are happy with her progress particularly in Maths all the teachers seem to be passionate and encouraging. I hope my son who is in his 1st year turns out as well, any concerns I have had have been dealt with promptly with good communication & care. keep up the good work thank you”

“We have been delighted with the numerous opportunities our daughter has been offered to develop her academic and non-academic skills, we feel lucky that she is part of such a great school.”

“We are always impressed with how the teachers are so passionate about teaching their subject and how they are determined in getting the pupils through their academic year with the best results possible.”