Reporting Student Absence:


A new absence email address has been set up to report your child’s illness, medical appointments, and/or requests for leave: studentabsence@langtreeschool.com
Please give the child’s name, tutor group and a brief reason for absence.
Please ensure that in line with our usual protocol, messages for absences such as illness are left before 9am. Requests for leave and future medical appointments can be left at any time.
You can still leave a phone message on 01491 683364 if you prefer, again before 9am please.
We would ask you to refrain from emailing tutors directly concerning absences as they are unable to authorise these.

Notification of absence is required for each day of every absence that has not been previously authorised. This is to ensure that students are not absent from school without their parents or the school’s knowledge or consent. A letter is not required if a phone call in has been made.

If the absence is likely to continue for more than 3 to 5 days, please seek medical advice.

If the absence is for more than 5 days, proof of absence will be required from your GP.

Vomiting / diarrhoea bugs need 48 hours clear before sending your child back to school.

Should you have any queries concerning absences, please contact the Attendance Officer in the first instance on one of the above numbers.


If your child is late for school, they must sign in at the office.

If they are late 3 or more times in one week without good reason, they will be required to attend an after school detention.

It is important that each student begins the day promptly and organised. We would therefore be grateful for your cooperation in ensuring your child’s punctuality.

Absence Requests

  1. Parents may not authorise absence; only schools can do this. Schools may authorise any absence they deem appropriate; conversely, they can refuse to authorise any absence.
  2. Parents do not have an automatic right to withdraw students from school for a holiday, and, in law, have to apply for permission in advance. Retrospective approval may not be given.
  3. Holidays taken during term time without approval from the Headteacher will be recorded as unauthorised.

Removal of your child for a holiday in term time without permission without authorisation from the Headteacher may lead to issuing of fixed penalty notice or even prosecution under section 444 of the Education Act.

What to do:

Requesting absence should be done in writing at least one month prior to the absence.  If the child does not return to school after an agreed period, they may be marked as having unauthorised absence.

Requests for absence should be made in writing to the Deputy Headteacher Ms S Burman, stating the dates of absence and the reason for the absence, the school reserves the right to seek further information about the requested absence.

Email requests can be sent to the Deputy Headteacher via the attendance officer: Mrs Debbie Hayward studentabsence@langtreeschool.com

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