Basic Standards

We aim to be clear about our expectations and totally consistent in our approach to basic standards.

Music Players:  There should be no individual music players in school. In practical subjects, where teachers feel music may be a benefit to teaching and learning, this should be provided in class by the member of staff concerned.

Mobile Phones:  We recognise that most children now carry mobile phones. If they are in school, please keep them switched off and kept in your bag or lockers.

Jewellery:  Students are allowed  to wear one pair of discreet stud earrings.  No other piercings please.

Make-up:  Discreet make-up may be worn. No nail varnish please.

Trainers:  Trainers are not allowed in lesson time other than where needed for specialist subjects. They may be worn on the field at break time and lunchtime but should be changed before going back to class.

Coats: Coats and scarves should not be brought into the classroom. Baseball caps are not allowed in school. Hooded tops other than school uniform are not allowed in school.

Punctuality: Bells will signify the end of lessons. Students will be dismissed on the bell and make their way directly to the next lesson.  The canteen will stop serving food at 10.55. After break all students and staff are expected to be at lessons by 11am. If a student is late three times for registration in the morning or afternoon they will incur a break or lunchtime detention with the tutor.

Food and drink: Bottles of still water are allowed in lessons. Chewing in gum is not allowed in school. No food or drink should be consumed in classrooms or corridors. This includes tutor bases at lunchtime.

Equipment: Students should have the correct equipment and books in school as required for each day.

General Equipment Required Everyday

  • All students should have writing materials in school as well as the correct exercise and text books required for each lesson.
  • Lesson books
  • Pen – black/blue ink and spare pen
  • Pen – green
  • Highlighter pen
  • Green biro/gel pen
  • Pencil and Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Scientific calculator
  • Protractor
  • Student Planner
  • Individual reading book