Langtree School Press Release

The Class of 2019 Achieves Best Ever Results

Students, staff and governors are celebrating yet another excellent year of GCSE results at Langtree School. The Class of 2019 secured exceptional results which are the best the school has ever known.

Overall, 82% of students achieved the Basics Measure of English and Mathematics at level 4 or above, and 57% did so at level 5 or above. This measure alone exceeds the very best ‘basics measure’ the school has ever achieved.

Furthermore, 81% of the cohort secured at least five GCSE passes at 9 – 4 including English and Maths, which again represents the best measure the school has achieved since the new GCSEs were introduced.

Attainment 8 score, which at 54 is well above the previous high levels of 51, and the indicative Progress 8 score of +0.43 is again better than the previous best +0.33, which indicates that overall, on average students at Langtree achieved  nearly half a grade higher than expected in their GCSE subjects.

At the top end of the ability range, results were consistent with previous years of excellent outcomes. 27% of all grades were awarded at 9 – 7. Amongst the high flyers in the year group were 

Bella Burbea – achieved 11 grade 9s and A^, 

Niamh Walker – achieved 9 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and an A^

Eve Singleton – achieved 8 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and an A^

Danny Harris – achieved 8 grade 9s, a grade 8, a grade 7 and an A^

and Will Cusak, Andrew Carr, Ellis Brindle, Will Graham, Dan Nicoll, Violet Gibson, Juno Norman, Katie Harris, Olivia Graham, Anya Decmar, Hattie Palmer Coulson and Jack Botham all of whom also achieved 8 or more GCSE passes at level 7 – 9, which are equivalent to the old A* and A grades. 

However, we are also keen to recognise those students who may not have achieved the absolutely top grades but whom worked extremely hard to exceed targets and predictions. Students including Lilla Bish Groucott, Grace Child, Izzie Cleall, Demi Fatus, Chloe Beeton, Lois Joslyn, Chris Sims, Isobel Yarwood and Tristan Astles-Jones did extremely well and matched or exceeded the highly aspirational targets we set for all our students.

Headteacher Simon Bamford was keen to praise the efforts of students and staff alike. 

‘We are delighted with these excellent GCSE results. They are a reflection of the hard work put in by students over many months at Langtree School. They truly deserve these fantastic grades. Yet again, the staff have gone above and beyond to help the students prepare for these very challenging examinations, and our students have responded by working very hard indeed. 

Many thanks are due as well to our very loyal parents, who have supported their children and the school throughout the whole process. 

Most importantly however, these young people were a joy to work with. Mature, sensitive, supportive of their peers and positive role models for our younger students.’

Key Information

  • Langtree School is a high performing, state funded, single academy trust located in Woodcote, south Oxfordshire.
  • We have 600 students on roll, aged 11-16. Our catchment area serves nine local villages. We are always significantly oversubscribed due to our local reputation as being a caring school which nonetheless prioritises learning as our core function.
  • We have always achieved results that significantly exceed local and national averages for all key indicators.
  • New GCSE grade 4 is equivalent to the old C grade and grade 7 is equivalent to the old A grade.
  • Progress 8 measures how students do compared to estimates based on expected progress from a student’s Key Stage 2 SATS across 8 subjects.
  • Attainment 8 measures the grades the student attains across 8 subjects.
  • The ‘basics measure’ is the percentage of students that achieve passes in both maths and English. 
  • The Headteacher is Simon Bamford. sbamford@langtreeschool.com 
  • School switchboard: 01491 680514